Why Choose DSN?

    DSN traces its roots back to its history, initially providing suppliers for the industrial materials such as foams & packaging materials & gradually develops into today business providing cutting, die-cut and printing services to a myriad of industries. In short, we are ONE STOP PACKAGING SOLUTION in packaging industry.

    Why Choose Us?

    DSN cuts no corners when it comes to quality. We aim not only to meet customer expectations, but also to continue to improve and further impress our clients. You can be assured that all our products are scrutinized to your exact requirements, you are assured the results will exceed your expectations.

    Green Objective:

    DSN also aims to be one of the leading companies to pave the way to greener printing services in Malaysia. We achieve this through our “GREEN UP” programme which include recycling carton box waste and disposing of printing solutions properly to prevent the polution of landfills.


    Our Quality Management
    Our Machineries

    Our Quality Management

    At DSN we always strive to put customer satisfactory at the highest level, with our expertise, we would put on effort to provide the best and efficient service to cater your business needs. We had serves local as well as the multinational companies in the few past years.

    DSN cuts no corners when it comes to quality. We are ISO 9001:2008 company that continuously seeking for improvement to impress and exceed clients’ expectations.
    Our Products
    EPE Foam (can be converted to any design) EVA Foam, PU Foam
    PE Bags / Sheets Conductive PE Bags / Sheets
    Conductive Bin Corrugated Products
    Conductive Corrugated Products Aluminium Moisture Barrier Bags
    Static Shielding Bags Air Bubble Bags / Sheets
    Tape (Opp, Masking Kapton, Cond Grip Tape) Stretch Film
    ESD Products (ESD Chair, Wrist Strap, Gloves, Sticky Mat & Rubber Mat etc.)  

    Our Machineries

    Over the years, the company has invested into a host of machinery and equipment to become a solution provider for a complete range of packaging needs ranging from carton boards to foams, bags tapes and etc.
    Auto Tying Machine   Die Cut   Sawing
    Auto Tying Machine   Die Cut   Sawing
    Sealing Machine   Shielding Machine   Stitching Machine
    Sealing Machine   Shielding Machine   Stitching Machine