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Industry Foams & Air Bubble

Air Bubble Products

Air Bubble is one of solution to provide a better protection for your products. There are 2 common types of air bubble which is Plain or antistactic, and also we have several thickness of the air bubble.
Can be sold in a roll or customable packaging product such as air bubble bag, air bubble sheet, etc.

Customize Air Bubble Bag


Air Bubble Sheet


Industrial Foams

Foams are also one of the best method to protect your goods, we have 2 types of foam which is PE Foam & PU Foam. Each have different kind specification, those foams can be made customable to meet your requirement. Common PE foams thickness: 10mm, 15mm, 20mm, 25mm, 30mm and 50mm.

Common Antistactic Foam Colours


EVA Foams

EVA foam is one of type being used in foam related packaging products, being use to setting the die cutting mould, and also alternative option for product packages. It has from low to high density & thickness ready to choose from to suit your products.